Dream of fights and fights: useless partners.

The students dreamed of a fight, indicating that the exam results were good.

The man dreamed of the fight and the master traveled, explaining that there were difficulties and it was better to cancel.

There are two kinds of fighting, one is being beaten and the other is beating. Of course, it is also divided into itself and other people. Which of them indicates good luck and unknown, please see the specific dreams below

Situation plot analysis: beating

Dream of being beaten, your life will be rich, auspicious things will happen to you, and the patients in your family will soon recover.

Dreaming of strangers being beaten, you will encounter difficulties.

Dreamed that his family was killed, and the family would increase its population.

Dreaming of beating animals, getting rich.

The prisoner dreamed of being beaten and would be released soon.

Woe to dream of a fight with someone.

The businessman dreamed of fighting with the customer.

But dreaming of fighting with classmates, interpersonal relationships will rise, and you can boldly and actively associate with anyone, and the people around you will inevitably treat you frankly and will never conflict.

Dreaming of brothers fighting and having bad luck in intelligence, your academic performance will drop significantly.

I dreamed that many people are fighting together, and there are shadows in their health. Pay attention to the digestive system. It is likely to suffer from acute gastroenteritis, gastric ulcers, gastroptosis, cecumitis and other diseases. Overeating is absolutely prohibited at this time.

Dream of hitting someone

Dream of beating others and get praise from others.

Dreaming of being beaten by someone who has nothing to do with you is a sign of bad luck and failure.

Dreaming that his lover was beaten meant that the love between the two would be deeper, and their love is eternal.

Dreaming of beating your own chest is an ominous sign, or you will be implicated in a criminal case, or your relatives and friends will die.

Dreaming that the ground is often beaten, the current obstacles will be removed, and this is a good dream for those who are about to go bankrupt.

Dreaming that he was beaten, and finally killed, it is an omen that all his pain and disaster will end, and he will live a very happy life.

Dream of making others beat you, and those killed will become your best friends. The patient has this dream, and his illness will recover quickly.

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