I slept yesterday and dreamed that there was a finger-sized hole in the lower left of my right palm. I didn’t care about it at first, and I felt a little itchy. I patted the table and found that there were some small white and green around the palm of my hand. The spiders crawled there, and then became more and more uncomfortable. They couldn't get rid of the spiders by digging them out with their hands. When there was no other way, they kept patting the table with their hands, and all the spiders came out at once. Later, I had some dreams in a daze. I dreamed of my previous girlfriends, and I went back to see my comrades in the old army. The recruits said that I was wearing the wrong uniform!

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dream interpretation : the right hand symbolizes the future, development, hand, can be understood as dedicated to something, a hole in the right hand, it means that some negative things have been encountered in the development of this thing, white and green little spiders, The spider here can be understood as hurt, small but many, meaning trivial and difficult, white and green, white here means lack of vitality, green means jealousy and possessiveness. From this plot, we can see that what we are doing is blocked. Because of this kind of injury, you can’t get rid of it by digging with your hands. It’s effective to slap the table with your hands. It means that you just work on this loophole and the effect is not good. It’s better to broaden your horizons and start from the overall situation. Old comrades-in-arms are a phenomenon of psychological regression, that is, because of some dissatisfaction in reality, they retreat to the past in their hearts to find the experiences and feelings they need. The recruits say that your military uniform is wrong. The recruits refer to the new forces and say you. The military uniform is wrong. The military uniform refers to the external image. Your external image has lost its timeliness. You need to build a new image that is more in line with the present.

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