Dreaming about group dance

When I was young, I was a member of the school dance team, and I participated in performances every festival. That dream, I seemed to be back in my childhood. I performed group dance with my classmates. Everyone jumped and danced, and it was very lively. (Female, 20 years old)

Dreamland analysis: The dream of dancing together is a symbol of happiness. If you are enjoying group dance in your dreams, it means that you are an easy-going person. This dream means that you will be loved by everyone. Dreaming that you have joined the ranks of group dance, it shows that you are an optimistic person, and indicates that a happy day is coming.

What you dream of is a solo dance, which means that your love is deep and strong. The solo dance in a dream is a vent and reveal of the feelings in your heart, which shows that you have a soft spot for someone in your heart and have a dream.

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