What does dreaming about ground coffee mean

I dreamed that my friend returned home and brought me some coffee beans. He said that the coffee beans were particularly pure and taste good, with the original aroma of coffee. He let me grind myself, I said I wouldn't, he said it was too simple, he came to teach me. (Female, 23 years old)

Dream Analysis: The dream of ground coffee is a symbol of family happiness. If you dream that you are making coffee in your dreams, it means that your family life is happy and you are living a warm, comfortable and carefree life. Dreaming of my own coffee making is a good sign. This dream shows that your family will be very happy and beautiful in the years to come.

If you dream about brewing coffee, it means that you can grasp your future; when you dream about drinking coffee, it represents amazing good news; when you dream about spilling coffee, you will face a series of disappointments.

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