I dreamed I was hit by my mother with a gun on my chest, and then fainted. I was pushed into the cremation field without death. I could hear the fire chemical next to me. I dreamed that the fire chemical sprayed oil on my face. I still feel pain in my dreams. It was scary. When I opened my eyes, I felt like the fire was reborn, and I felt acupunctured all over my body.

( Zhou Gong's official website for interpreting dreams) Dream interpretation: This is a dream about conflict of spiritual independence. Being shot with a gun on the chest by the mother, the chest is the center of human emotions, and the mother is the opposite sex who is close to us in the early growth environment. Therefore, when we build our own emotional model in the early days, the feelings towards the mother become right An element in the opposite-sex relationship model, accompanied by a sense of dependence, and now, mom hits her chest with a gun, which means that your relationship model is developing to a more mature stage, which is abandoning the original way of feeling for mothers. At that time, there are some conflicts that make you feel like you are going to die in this kind of relationship that is about to be abandoned. A sense of loss. Enter the cremation plant before you die. Emotions, I believe that this growth process has not been fully completed. I also hope that I will continue to survive in this mode of combining dependence on mothers and love for the opposite sex. Entering the cremation plant, this can be understood as returning to before birth State, this kind of thorough retrospect, the purpose is like you said, is to be reborn, to dissolve the old, early-established emotional model, to establish The more mature one is like the original self dying and reborn as a new self, spraying oil on his face, meaning to change his face, and mean that you are paying attention to the external manifestation of this inner change of yourself .

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