What does it mean to dream that your parents were killed

I dreamed that my parents were killed. They were covered with stab wounds, the ground was covered with blood, and they were about to die, lying next to the wood in front of our house. There is a dead tree on the ground outside my house. There is a white cat on the tree. When I need someone to accompany me, it always appears to me. (Male, 22 years old)

Dreamland analysis: At your age, dreaming of your parents being killed symbolizes your hope for independence. "Death" in a dream sometimes symbolizes "new birth", which is the case for "parents' death" in your dream. This is your sign of maturity and hope for independence. "White cat" symbolizes yourself now. The cat is standing in front of the house, indicating that you are in a period of transition from the old self to the new self. At this time, you may be dissatisfied with your parents' attitude towards you.

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