There was a lot of dark red blood flowing on the stone bridge in the rain. A little girl fell into the water while holding a rag doll. The girl's mother intercepted the little girl with a pointed bamboo pole, but inserted it with that one. The ragdoll actually bleeds . Then the girl's mother took the girl away. When she went back, she found that her daughter had become a vegetative, she could not speak, and could do nothing, like a ragdoll. Seems to be following that dream. The girl grew up and stood on the stone bridge with her mother. The girl said to her that you killed her, and then pushed her down.

( Zhou Gong's official website for interpreting dreams Dream interpretation: Shibanqiao can be understood as, during your growth, your mind, from a state, growing to a new, more mature state of the bond, flowing dark red blood, refers to you When you were young, some of your experiences hurt your soul. They were subconsciously subconsciously hidden. It is not easy to detect. The little girl and the doll in your hand are all metaphors of your own image. Little girl, young The image of immature, immature, who needs caring and care, ragdoll, no vitality, no autonomy, the image of being controlled and placed at the mercy of adults, falling into the water can be understood as a recognition during the growth process I feel shocked because of my first exposure to strange and unknown things. The image of my mother is relative to the image of a little girl and a doll. You feel that your mother cares about you as if you are bringing a doll. Do you think that although she is taking care of herself, she has lost your autonomy. When you cause harm, the ragdoll bleeds, which is the manifestation of this kind of harm. After that, the little girl becomes a vegetative, plant. There are similarities between the image of a doll and the image of a ragdoll. There is no vitality, restricted autonomy, no ability to speak, nothing to do, no freedom to say what you want to say, no freedom to do what you want to do, and a girl growing up. It reflects your need to grow up and break through this over-care restriction. You killed her. It means that you want to express this feeling to your mother and feel that being deprived of your autonomy is like being taken away. Like killing, pushing my mother down is to hope that I will no longer be subject to this restriction, just like my mother is gone.

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