Having a car accident in a nightmare shows that you have to re-examine your life: Think carefully about whether your life is out of control, or is too extreme in handling something? If you can plan well in advance, Deal with it calmly and don't rush for quick success, then you will be successful.

Dreaming of a flying accident indicates that you have recently lacked self-confidence and lost confidence in others.

Dreaming of an accident in the office means that you are eager to achieve good results at work.

Dreaming of an accident at home means that you are worried about your family.

Dreaming that you were injured in an accident indicates that you desire a sense of stability-traveling with a close friend on weekends is an ideal choice. In love, you don't need a fixed relationship at present—especially the traditional type. Even if it does, it will end quickly. But don't be sad, a sweet relationship will come soon.

Dreaming of a car accident means that I need to re-understand life. ·Dreaming about an accident in the office indicates that you are eager for ideal results. ·Dreaming about a flying accident shows that I lack confidence. ...

Dreaming of a car accident, good omen, life will be happy. ·Dreaming about someone else having a car accident indicates that the interpersonal relationship will be handled harmoniously. ·Dreaming about his father having a car accident means that his father will be in good health. ...

Dreaming of his father having a car accident indicates that his father is in good health. ·Dreaming that his father is dead, auspicious, there will be good news. ·Dream that his sick father died, Dreams meaning Book is a good omen, and his body will soon recover to health. ...

Dream of a bus accident

Dreaming that the bus you are taking has a car accident indicates that you are in a crisis of property loss, and you must not invest and spend money in the near future. On the other hand, you may suffer from a serious illness, and you may need to be hospitalized for a period of time to recover.

Dreaming of a railway accident

To dream that you have seen a car accident on the railway, and you are not the victim, it means that a relative or friend of yours has been injured, which makes you particularly concerned about an accident and want to find out the cause and so on. On the other hand, it is also implying that you have a competitor in the work market that gives you a headache.

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