Hello, please help me see what this dream means

Me: A 24-year-old girl has been unmarried for two years after graduating from university. I am the only daughter at home. Now I am not in the same city with my parents.

Yesterday, I dreamed of my grandma who had passed away for 11 years. In my dream, I saw my grandma working in a factory when she was young. She was very beautiful, but she was very tired at work. I saw her sitting in front of a large machine and working hard. , But I don't know why, the machine was placed on a movable board, while the machine was shaking, she was pulling the machine forcefully. You can tell from her facial expression that she is struggling. I dreamed of this because I knew that my grandma worked in a spinning mill when she was young.

I have a deep relationship with my grandma. I was 13 when my grandma passed away at the age of 75. I cried for two days at the time. Then I cried when I thought of my grandma. This is not the first time I dreamed of her, but I dreamed of her before. I see her in dreams and dreams of what she looked like when she was old. I don’t know why I saw her when she was young this time. The key is that the situation in the dream was impossible for me to see before she died. He looked like he was only in his 20s!

Please help me interpret my dream

( Dreamsmeaning Book ) Dream interpretation : The image of grandma in the dream is actually what you feel in your heart. Why do you express a part of your own image in the image of grandma? The reason is that grandma is an elder of the same sex. When we were young, we mostly used the image of the same-sex elders who were close to ourselves at home as a model for our growth. It is grandma rather than mother, which reflects to a certain extent, in your childhood life, the care and care given to you by grandma Heavier than what my mother gave, so here, the young grandma’s image is your image. Young and growing up, she is becoming a more mature image than her current self. She is very beautiful, that is It’s your evaluation of yourself. You’re very tired at work. It’s also expressing your own feelings about the current state of life. Large machines represent a mechanized and unhuman image, which may refer to your emotional contacts. Men who are powerful but not humane enough, stand on a movable board. This board can be understood as your heart. In your heart, this machine occupies a certain position, but it is not very stable and mobile. In shaking, it also reflects instability, and at the same time highlights his instability. Comprehensively understand, that is, his instability makes his position in your heart unstable. Pulling hard is reflected in this aspect. , You are trying very hard to manage it well and make the development of the situation more stable. It is very difficult, that is, your experience of this aspect of reality makes you feel very tired.

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