Hello, please help me see what this dream means

Me: Female, 24 years old, has graduated from university for two years. I am a single child in my unmarried family. I am not in the same city as my parents.

Yesterday, I dreamed of my grandma who had died 11 years ago. In my dreams, I saw that my grandma was working in a factory when she was young. She was very beautiful, but she was very tired. I saw her sitting in front of a large machine and working hard. However, I don't know why, the machine was mounted on a movable board. While the machine was shaking, she was pulling the machine hard. From her facial expression she can see how strenuous she is. I also dreamed about this because I knew that when my grandmother was young, she worked in a spinning mill.

My relationship with my grandma was very deep. When my grandma died at the age of 75, I was 13 years old. I cried for two days at that time, and later I would cry when I think of my grandma. When I saw her, I dreamed about how she looked when she was old. I do n’t know why I would see her in her dreams this time. The key is that the situation in the dream was impossible for me to see before she died. You look like you are in your 20s!

Master please help me understand the dream

( Zhou Gongjie dream www.zGjm.org ) Dream interpretation : The image of the grandma in the dream is actually what you feel in your heart. Why is part of your own image expressed in the image of the grandma? The reason is this Of the elders, when we were young, we mostly used the image of the same-sex elders who were close to ourselves at home as a template for our own growth. It was grandma, not mother, to a certain extent. In your childhood, grandma gave Your care and care is heavier than what your mother gave. So, here, the image of the young grandma is your image. When you are young and growing up, you are becoming a more mature image than yourself. She is very beautiful, that is, your evaluation of yourself, working very tired, but also expressing your own feelings about the current state of life, large machines represent a kind of mechanized, humane image, which may refer to your feelings The object of communication, a powerful but not humane man, stands on a movable board. This board can be understood as your heart. In your mind, this machine occupies a certain position, but it is not very stable, it is mobile, the machine is shaking, it also reflects the instability, and at the same time it highlights his instability. Taken together to understand, his instability Sex, causing his position in your heart to be unstable. Pulling it hard is reflected in this aspect. You are trying very hard to manage it well and make the situation stable. It is very difficult for you to deal with this. Real experience, I feel very tired.

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