What it means to dream of being chased by hunters

I once dreamed that I was flying in the sky, like a bird, and the hunter was aiming at me with a gun. I wanted to fly higher but could n’t fly, so I flew far and straight to far beyond the city of lights. The place. In my dream I told myself that this was the "end of the world". So I had to fly back, under the pursuit of the hunter, and flew into a room to hide. (Male, 26)

Dreamland analysis: In this dream, being hunted by hunters is a symbol of escape from danger. Sometimes flying is not out of ability and achievement, but out of a desire to evade reality. This flying dream often has tension and anxiety rather than happiness.

Flying is both a self-confidence and a means of avoiding harm. If a person has used flying to escape danger for a long time, then he will tend to go into fantasy and move away from reality. The house is a symbol of safety.

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