What does it mean to dream of a spooky temple

In my dream, I knelt sincerely in a temple to worship. Suddenly a gust of wind struck and I looked up. The idols in the temple turned into monsters with open teeth and claws. (Male, 33 years old)

Dream analysis: When people are helpless, it is easy to think of "metaphysical" religious beliefs in order to stabilize their own hearts. Dreaming about the temple indicates that you are tired of your current life and want to put aside everything you have; and those gods and Buddhas have turned into monsters and monsters to scare you, indicating that your heart is still "love in the dust" and can't let go.

Maybe avoiding is not a good way, but knowing how to "reluctantly" is a very important principle of happiness in life; you obviously care about everything you have, but you want to escape from reality, so you will of course be reluctant, so the pain will always follow you.

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