What does it mean to dream of corporal punishment

To be honest, the teacher didn't punish me physically, but my parents punish me. That's because when I was young, I often made trouble in class. But once I dreamed that the teacher ordered me to stand behind, and I suddenly became nervous, but I was scared to wake up. (Male, 19 years old)

Dream analysis: corporal punishment, of course, is wrong, but the meaning of dreams is excellent results after hard work. Dreaming of corporal punishment may be caused by your recent poor grades and fear in your heart. To dream of the teacher physically punishing yourself indicates that your academic performance has declined in the recent period. As long as you work hard, your grades will soon catch up and get praise from the teacher. To dream of your parents punishing yourself indicates that you are constantly demanding yourself. This dream means that you will achieve excellent results in your studies.

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