What does it mean to dream of finding reasons to let lovers dove for fun?

Dreamsmeaning Book : To release the pigeon is to promise someone else's thing, but not to do it, which means that it does not keep the promise and is deceived. A more common situation is that the couple has agreed in advance where to meet, but one of the parties does not come, and the other party who arrives can say that the TA has been released. In the dream, I find all kinds of reasons to let the lover dove for fun, which shows that the dreamer is not confident in himself, does not have the confidence to control the lover, and very much wants to control the lover.

Dreaming that I am looking for various reasons to put the lover’s pigeons for fun mainly reflects that the dreamer hopes to control the lover psychologically. It is also because I just want to test how deep the lover loves him and whether it will be because of his love for him Let the pigeons go, and have other ideas. In fact, it also reflects that the dreamer hopes to make his lover obedient enough through some means, and it is best to be obedient to himself.

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