What does it mean to   dream of swimming in the water or flooding ?

Dream interpretation: The person who swims in the water in the dream implies that you may have accumulated a lot of urine in your bladder during sleep, so you have the desire to urinate.

It’s just that this kind of information won’t be told to you directly in the dream, but to warn you that there is water around you, which is also a symbol of your fear of bedwetting.

Although your subconscious is presented with exaggerated intentions, its main intention is to urge you to get up and go to the " toilet ."

If you are not a person who is afraid of bedwetting, maybe your dream is not a flood or you are swimming, but you go to the bathroom several times, so that you think you have resolved it and you can continue to sleep.

This is a different dream from someone who is afraid of bedwetting because the motivation is completely different.

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