I am a girl, born in the first month of 1982.

Dreams on April 5, 2008, of which Wang Jun is my current boyfriend, "he" is a man I like, I dreamed that I sat in an orderly manner like a schoolboy, Wang Jun was sitting in front, separated by a Row, I sit on his lap. It was evening and he said he was hungry and was going to eat . I said I would go too. He went out and I ran out.

We walked side by side, holding each other together. Later, he took my left hand and said why your nails are so dark purple, I said it was dirty. He looked at my thumb again, and then he held me close. I was leaning on his waist. There were pedestrians on the road. When I went to eat, it seemed that the environment was not good, and I saw some relatives of Wang Jun. We left again. He was still flooring like that. I was so excited that I squeezed his waist tightly. I was about to find a suitable place for the next step. The dog barked and woke up.

( Zhou Gong's official website for interpreting dreams Xie Dream said: boyfriend sitting in front, you sit in the back, that is, behind the boyfriend, meaning "carrying a boyfriend", sitting on his leg, reflecting your desire to develop a close relationship with him, go Eating, eating, here can be understood as wanting to supplement and enjoy emotional nourishment. When you go with him, you are expressing your desire to enjoy emotional life with him. The nails on the left hand are black and purple. Space and time symbolize the past, or not in the future, and non-developing. Hands can be understood here as "brotherhood," that is, your emotional life, black purple, black has the meaning of depression, and purple, which symbolizes the suppressed passion. Taken together, looking at this plot, it can be understood that you feel that you have had or are currently in a non-developing relationship, the emotional life is suppressed, and your inner enthusiasm is suppressed, but not fully released. When walking with him on the road The intimate move is also an expression of your inner desire to want it to happen, and when you want to eat, that is, want to enjoy emotional life with him, the dog barks for a while, here , Is a part of your heart, this part is in charge of the morals and principles of self, barking, is to show that some of your thoughts violate your own principles, the idea of ​​wanting to do something is in opposition to the principles, causing The inner conflict.

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