Dreaming about the death of a female classmate, what does it mean for an enemy to kill herself?

Zhou Gong interprets dreams : Dreams are an image language. These images range from ordinary to surreal; in fact, dreams often inspire art and other aspects. In the dream, when the female classmate is killed, the enemies will kill themselves, indicating that after their own efforts, good luck will come, and the enemies are the driving force for themselves.

Dreaming that the female classmate was killed, the enemy would kill herself, indicating that the dreamer must feel a little uneasy now. You have no confidence in your enemies and are afraid that they will use revenge. Such dreams and feelings indicate that you have too many enemies and are facing tremendous psychological pressure. But this dream is heralding the beginning of another situation. A stranger takes you to a place you do n’t know, which means that you may have been deceived recently. Be alert to the people around you. The death of a female classmate means the end of your troubles. The enemy is the driving force to move forward and symbolizes achievement. When you dream of your enemies, it means that you will get help from all sides when you are in distress, it means that difficulties will pass and good luck will come.

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