What does it mean to dream of being submerged in the bathroom

In my dream, I was at a friend's house, and that was actually the old house I moved out of 5 years ago. They were laughing at my breasts being too small and throwing my bra away. I was embarrassed and wanted to go to the bathroom. I was anxious to enter the bathroom and shut them out of the door, but there was no door ... the red water bathed me and my dream was over. (Female, 20 years old)

Dreamland analysis: The general tone of dreams is tense and helpless. You may be relatively lagging behind your peers in physical development and feel inferior in this regard. Until now, you are still fighting these appearances and abilities that can express yourself. The bathroom symbolizes a free-flowing mood or instinct. The absence of a door in the bathroom indicates your vulnerability. Water is a symbol of the subconscious and emotional. Your overwhelming means that you still have to face irresistible fear, and maybe you are not ready to face your concerns and emotions.

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