What does it mean to dream of cleaning the room

I like to clean up the room. I think that a clean room will make people feel the warmth of home. My lover always says that I have cleanliness. I sometimes dream of cleaning up the room. In the dream, I cleaned up the room neatly and in good order, and I felt happy even though I was tired. (Female, 32 years old)

Dreamland analysis: In the dream, cleaning up the room indicates the success of the business and the income of the economy. If you dream that you are organizing your room, cleaning it up cleanly, or decorating the room with flowers and crafts, it means that you will achieve fruitful results in your career and be admired by others. If a married woman has this dream, it means that your husband is very capable and very good at accumulating wealth. This dream also foreshadows your family's wealth and prosperity.

If you dream of sweeping, it means to organize your thoughts.

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