What does it mean to dream of being shot seven times by a woman in black

In the dream, I was alone in the bedroom, and suddenly a woman in black rushed in. She was wearing long hair, her face was mature and cold.

She said that she would spend the night in my bedroom, and I rejected her, saying that there was no bed for her. She smiled at me strangely, reached out and pressed a switch on the wall, and a large room was immediately displayed in front of me, with all the facilities in it. She sneered and fired seven shots at me, but I was numb to the pain. (Male, 21 years old)

Dreamland analysis: This dream shows that you have a girlfriend with strong desire for control in real life, which has caused great harm to your emotions, and that you are powerless to resist and silently bear her damage to you.

The "dormitory" symbolizes you, and you refuse her to spend the night in your "dormitory" because you are protecting yourself. The big "room" in the wall symbolizes the depths of your soul, that is, your subconscious mind. The furnishings in the "room" represent your character. She knows the "switch", which means she knows all the thoughts in your heart.

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