Dreaming about money sometimes money represents itself.

For example, someone who is financially embarrassed is very happy to dream of picking up a lot of money. Unfortunately, when I woke up, the dream money disappeared. He sighed: "I wish I had deposited my money in the bank of my dreams, so that I could spend at least the next time I dreamed-although I was a poor man when I was awake, I could become a rich man when he fell asleep.

For example, if someone dreams of losing their wallet, they go to see it the next morning and find that the wallet is still in their handbag. But the handbag is open. So she quickly repaired the handbag. This dream is that the "primitive in our hearts" discovered that the wallet was open and reminded her to prevent losing money.

Money can also represent value. A girl dreamed that there was a shiny coin on the ground, and a closer look was a sputum. It means that she initially thought that someone or something was worthwhile, but later discovered that the person or thing was not only worthless but also disgusting.

A dream example from psychologist Ann Faraday illustrates the problem. The dreamer is a young woman who has just left her husband. She feels lonely and worried, so many husbands constantly dream of falling from the boat into the water. (The husband is her boat) Then one day, she dreamed of being on the boat again, but not alone but a large group of people together, they fell into the water from the bow, and she also entered the water, but she did not wake up but dreamed Seeing that she was standing steadily on the shore, she also picked up the silver market intentionally. When she woke up, she stopped worrying.

The meaning of this dream is that she later devoted herself to danger (indicated by water) but did not drown, and discovered new valuable things. The silver coin symbolized her gain, the independence she gained.  Dreaming of picking up money, the dreamer will be very happy after picking up money in the dream. But the way to deal with this kind of windfall is not the same. Some people accept it, others give it to the police. Which kind is good? Accepted. Those who give it to the police, don't praise yourself, don't say that you are so noble in your dreams. Because the people who pick up money in the dream often reflect a kind of unconfidence, an attitude that thinks that good things are not up to me. Next time you dream of picking up money, you must work hard to let yourself accept it. When you can dream of picking up and accepting money, your confidence has improved. Or, try to increase your self-confidence during the day after waking up. When you dream and pick up money, and you accept it, it means that you have gained self-confidence. It needs to be explained that the meaning of "gathering money while dreaming" in life is completely different from the meaning of "giving money while ignoring gold" in life, because the money in dreams often represents something of value, not necessarily material, and it may be spiritual Up.

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