Dreaming that you were chased and killed along the way means that you have encountered a big trouble in your work. If someone helps you escape on the road, it means that fortunately someone helped to make you pass the barrier safely; if you dream of being chased or killed , There is also a symbol that implies your fortune/improvement. But if it keeps chasing you until you are weak, and then you wake up, it means that your troubles are not easy to solve.

To catch up with real-life pressure, or heart flood beast.

Dreaming of being chased or killed by people, animals or even aliens, and you run out of breath. This kind of dream is reminiscent of the real life that is always full of pressure, so the source of pressure is the important key to this kind of dream. So if you can identify the boss or wife who is chasing you, it will certainly help clarify the meaning of your dreams. But if it is very unfortunate, if the enemy who is chasing you is vague, then you can only help you in the process of fleeing or someone who has been with you, and you can infer who the "enemy" may be. So next time in your dream, it is necessary to try hard to take a look, so that you know where the inexplicable fear in your heart comes from, and you must dare to face the danger to solve the problem.

For those who are catching up:

If you can recall the specific person chasing you, then the dream interpretation is very obvious. If it is a boss or colleague or classmate, it is related to your work and study environment and pressure; if it is a dream of family members and children , it is naturally related to family depression.

But more often, the "enemy" chasing you is often your own incarnation, so you can't get rid of it at all. This kind of incarnation is actually your instincts, such as morality, responsibility, guilt, etc.; if the "enemy" is a part of yourself, then the outcome of catching up is very important.

For catching up results:

You may fight against the enemy. Whether it is setting traps or other tricks or picking up a submachine gun to sweep around, it means that you suppress your inner scourge and achieve a temporary, rational victory.

You may have found a safe place to hide, which means that you use a temporary escape method in exchange for inner peace. But this is often also a manifestation of self-deception, adding a disguise to oneself and deliberately not feeling anxiety, this kind of dreamer's personality is generally weaker.

You may have run away for a long time and finally be killed, or you may wake up too frightened, which symbolizes that the dreamer usually suppresses his instincts too much, and even after the suppression reaches a certain intensity, he begins to encounter strong instincts to resist or retaliate. The more brutal the chase in the dream, the greater the intensity of the dreamer's instincts.

If you shook hands with the enemy inexplicably, then pay attention to how you fight against the enemy in your dream. It is a gift of wisdom that the dream gives you beyond the fright. Maybe in the same way, you are confused in reality. It will be solved.

For the catch-up process:

Analyze how you escaped , whether you walked like flying, or wanted to run but couldn't run fast. Most people want to run in their dreams but can't run fast. The feeling of running not fast makes them very scared in their dreams. This reflects a kind of self-knowledge that they are unable to escape the dangers they face in life.

How you escaped in your dream can also explain many problems. For example, users had dreamed of being chased to catch, tried to escape but always run faster, then jumped up, like homeopathy fly to heaven, he was behind the man grabbed the ankle, it is fear. This dream reflects the dreamer's attempt to escape from reality by way of fantasy (flying to the sky), but the reality is caught by the ankle.

If you want to hide, but you will be found no matter where you hide, it doesn't matter how tight the door is closed, the chaser will be a few steps behind you wherever you go. At this time, the person or animal chasing you is a part of yourself, a symbol of your conscience or your values, or your own memories, worries, and pain. Since the chaser is in your mind, of course you can't hide it so that it can't find you, because you can't completely deceive yourself.

Dream about being chased , their choice to run away, indicating that the dreamer in reality there is a lot of pressure, still have not sorted out the clue to solve the problem themselves often at a loss, quite tangled heart, afraid to face reality, the fundamental I don’t want to solve the problem. I have a passive evasive mentality, just blindly avoiding reality, so that I will be hunted down until the problem is solved;

Dreaming of being chased and killed , and choosing to fight bravely, implies that the dreamer is under the pressure of reality. For any difficult problems that arise, he has chosen to face up and dare to face it. He may have found a solution and is actively trying. Expect to be resolved as soon as possible;

Dreaming of being pursued and killed, choosing to pretend to be dead or hiding, in the hope of avoiding the sight of beasts or bad guys, indicates that the dreamer is temporarily helpless with the current situation and can only choose to ignore it, which symbolizes the dreamer’s presence. In daily life, self-deception and blindness are often used to release some instinctive impulses and pressure, that is, to add some reasonable disguise to instinctive impulses, and various excuses are usually found, so that the self does not feel anxious, so that over time the recognition of the environment Knowing will be distorted. In fact, I am only living with half-closed eyes and living a life, suggesting that the dreamer's personality is generally weak;

To dream of being chased, bitten or killed, means that the dreamer can no longer bear the pressure of reality, or that he can no longer find a way to solve the problem, he can only break the jar, he is already compromising, and his heart is already No fighting spirit;

In the process of dreaming of being chased, if you are not afraid, you are not afraid just to feel funny, it shows that the dreamer's life is too monotonous, it makes people feel boring, and needs some fundamental changes;

Dreaming of being chased and killed, and choosing to commit suicide, implies that the dreamer has reached a point of being forced into helplessness in the real society, and that the dreamer completely compromises and abandons the reality deep in his heart;

Dreaming of being chased and killed, but wanting to run but unable to run, reflects the dreamer’s self-recognition, thinking that he has no ability to escape the dangers and pressures faced in life, and his heart is helpless, so he can only watch the problem escalate. Can’t be resolved, or the dreamer wants to escape but can’t run in the dream due to poor sleeping posture during sleep;

Dreaming of being chased and killed, but inexplicably shook hands with the enemy, reminds the dreamer to pay attention to how he and the enemy in the dream turned into jade. It is a gift of wisdom that the dream gives to himself other than the shock. Maybe the same method is used. The confusion in your own reality will also be easily solved;

Dreaming of being chased and killed, on the contrary, I killed the chaser, which shows that the dreamer is also very conflicted and entangled in the pressure of reality, but I can find the root cause of the problem and believe that I have the ability to take the most correct Method to solve the problem;

Dreamsmeaning Book dreams of own death, but the person is already dead, but it seems that the other one is still alive, which means that the dreamer wants to forget from the depths of his heart, perhaps because he wants to be free from the current environment. , I hope to get rid of all the troubles of the past and completely change myself;

To dream that I am very afraid of death and accompanied by pain. It is likely that the dreamer has recently encountered some troubles, making myself nervous, reminding the dreamer that if the trouble has already happened, he should pay attention to solve the matter at hand. If the trouble has not happened yet, Also be careful to avoid trouble;

Dreaming of being chased and resurrected from the dead means the birth of a new self. Young people need to grow up, and it is necessary to pursue a new self. Therefore, young people are more likely to dream of being killed and dying. This kind of dream has the meaning of rebirth. .

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