What does it mean for a man to dream of being ridiculed by a woman's sexual organs?

Dreamsmeaning Book : To be ridiculed by women for poor sexual organs may be the most unbearable thing for men. They will feel very embarrassed, faceless , and perhaps the greatest shame. The man in the dream is ridiculed by the female for the inability of his sexual organs, which shows that the dreamerhas been hurtto the woman and feelings, and there is a psychological shadow.

A man dreams of being ridiculed by women for the inability of his sexual organs, implying that the dreamer has some psychological shadows when dealing with women's problems. This kind of man's ugliness is not because of psychological need, but physical denial. The bad porn festivals that grew out of self-sacrifice are painful psychological confrontations that are entangled again and again. This type of dream is common in people who are disabled or whose organs are too small or diseased. There are also a few similar dream situations when they experience severe frustration when they first experience it.

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