What does it mean that a man dreams that he is ridiculed by a female

Zhou Gong's interpretation of dreams : It is perhaps the most unbearable thing for men to ridicule their sexual organs for being ridiculed by women. They will feel very shameful, shameless, and perhaps the biggest shame. The man in the dream was ridiculed by the female for the failure of the sexual organ function, which indicates that the dreamer had suffered psychological damage to the woman and the relationship.

Men dream that they are ridiculed by women that their sexual organs are not functioning, implying that the dreamers have some psychological shadows when they treat women's problems. Such men are not disliked because they are not psychologically needed, but because they are physically self-denying. The bad porn festival that was born because of self-assertion is a psychological confrontation that is tangled again and again. Such dreams are often found in people with natural disabilities or small organs or lesions. There are also some similar dream situations because of severe frustration at first experience.

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