Last night I dreamed that I was a policeman. I chased a criminal with a male policeman. The criminals ran away in a car . We ran and chased. Later, a group of policemen came forward to fight him. All of them were caught and he ran away without notice. He fled on a medium bus. There were a lot of children and pregnant women in the car . I was very worried about the male police and chased after me. The car drove. Soon we could n’t catch up but we knew where he was going and chased it. Later, when I saw the fugitive, he drove again and saw him sneer at us. Then I saw the one he went to. The route called other police officers and asked them to snatch him in front of him. Later, I went to take the children off the bus one by one and told them to go home obediently. At last, I walked home with the two policemen. He slowly hugged me on the way. I was a little happy. I felt his mouth slowly approaching my face and felt that he wanted to kiss me, and I hid consciously. , Tease him, just hid several times like that, and finally tried to hide or was kissed by him, I felt that kiss was real, as if it was really kissed, but I just ca n’t see his face, but there is Can't feel strange.

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