Last night I dreamed that I was a policeman. I chased a criminal with a male policeman. The criminal drove away in a car . We ran to chase him. Later, we caught up with a large group of policemen who came forward to fight with him. He was caught and ran away accidentally. He escaped into a middle-sized bus. There were many children and women who thought pregnant . The male policeman and I were worried and rushed to catch up and drove the car. Soon we couldn’t catch up, but we knew where he was going and we chased him on a small road. Later, when we arrived, we saw the fugitive and drove the car again and saw him smile at us contemptuously. Then I saw the one where he was going. The route called other policemen and told them to rob him in front of him and stop him. Later, I sent the children off the car one by one and told them to go home obediently. Finally, I walked home with the male policeman. He slowly hugged me on the road. I was a little happy. I felt his mouth slowly approaching my face. I felt that he wanted to kiss me, so I consciously hid. , Teasing him to play, just hid like that several times and finally wanted to hide or was kissed by him. I felt that the kiss was so real, as if he was really kissing, but I just couldn’t see his face, but there was Not feeling strange.

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