What does it mean to dream about endless work?

In my dream, I was doing a wall painting competition with several people. When the time is up, I will stand in the first place, as if declaring victory. At this time, someone next to you said: "You can't count as winning, because there is still an unpainted area in the middle, and you have to paint it before you can win." Although I was a little disappointed, I had to return to the original place to continue working. (Male, 30 years old)

Dream analysis: A typical competitive dream symbolizes a certain kind of competition in life. When it is about to approach the end, it has to return to its original place due to omissions. The sound of warning is probably another self in your heart, who is making suggestions for you. Looking at the message revealed in this dream, I am telling you: Don’t think that you are working hard and just rush to finish your work. There may be omissions. When you want to remedy it, perhaps the danger is imminent.

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