Dreaming of a fish is generally a symbol of a good thing, maybe it is a kind of wish in one's heart, or maybe it is a good thing that feels real in the depths of my heart.

Dreaming of fish swimming-there will be unexpected income. Buying things for your uncle , of course your uncle is happy,'Uncle unexpectedly rewards you with a sum of money and so on.

When a woman dreams of fish swimming in the water, her movement will be restricted by her husband.

Dreaming of picking up a goldfish-the star of adventure will approach you. The most likely thing is to meet old friends on the street. So the conversation box of memories opened, forgetting the passage of time.

Dreaming of a whale spraying water - it means that there will be new love. You and her matchmaker are the same book. Perhaps the place where the two met for the first time was either a library or a bookstore.

Dreaming that cuttlefish are swimming -there will be a big failure in behavior. The gas was accidentally released in the corridor, but it was a very loud sound, which was noticed by everyone. It's mostly embarrassing things like this.

Dreaming of a fish swimming in a pond---friend luck worsened. Two of a group of good friends confronted each other because of a quarrel. As a result, a group of friends split into two factions. It’s not that easy to make things right.

Dreaming of live fish, you are going to travel at sea.

Dreaming of dead fish means you must endure starvation.

Dreaming of buying fish means that you will inherit the real estate of your relatives.

Dreaming that someone will give you fish, you will be invited to a wedding.

To dream that a fish will endure the pain of lack of water and will be demoted.

Dreaming of fishing:

A man dreams of fishing, a catastrophe is imminent.

When a woman dreams of fishing, she will rely on her rich husband and live a happy life.

The patient dreamed of fishing and would be bedridden.

Dreaming of eating fish -your love luck is slightly depressed. Your personality is too stubborn to make the other party feel unbearable. In order to maintain normal exchanges, one must know how to give in to avoid conflicts

Dreaming of fishing with a fishing net-you will encounter lucky things. Such as sitting side by side with TV stars in the train and so on. There will be a period of excitement, happiness, and a little uneasy time.

Dreaming of fishing by the river -there will be a twist in communication. For example, in dating, the other person's eyes are always aimed at the opposite sex. Due to your reproach, the tension between the two was created, and so on. You are too jealous!

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