Dreaming about fish is generally a symbol of good things, maybe a desire in myself, or a good thing that feels like there is reality deep inside.

Dreaming of fish swimming-there will be unexpected income. Buying things for your uncle , of course, uncle is happy, 'The uncle unexpectedly rewarded you with some money and so on.

A woman dreams that fish swim in the water and her movements are restricted by her husband.

Dreamed of taking up a goldfish-the star of adventure will approach you. The biggest possibility is to run into old friends in the street. Then the box of recollection opened, forgetting the passing of time.

Dreaming of a whale spouting water-means that a new love will be born. You and her matchmaker are a book, and maybe the first place they met was either the library or the bookstore.

Dreaming of cuttlefish will have a big failure in swimming -behavior. Gas was accidentally released in the corridor, but it was unexpectedly loud and noticed by everyone. Mostly this kind of awkward thing.

Dreaming about fish swimming in ponds-friends' luck worsened. Two of a group of good friends were confronted by quarrels. As a result, a group of friends split into two factions. It's not so easy to get it right.

Dreaming of live fish, going to travel by sea.

Dream of dead fish , be hungry.

Dreaming of buying fish, will inherit the real estate of relatives.

I dreamed that someone would send me a fish and I would be invited to a wedding.

Dreamed that the fish endured the pain of water shortage and was demoted.

Dreaming of fishing:

The man is dreaming of fishing, and the calamity is imminent.

A woman dreams of fishing and will depend on her rich husband for a happy life.

The patient dreams of fishing and will be bedridden.

Dreaming about eating fish -love luck is slightly down. Your personality is too stubborn to make the other person feel unbearable. In order to maintain normal communication, mutual understanding must be understood to avoid conflict

Dreaming about fishing with a fishnet-you'll be in luck. Such as sitting side by side with the TV star in the train and so on. There will be a period of excitement, joy, and a little uneasiness.

Dream of fishing by the river -there will be a setback in communication. For example, in dating, the other person's eyes are always aimed at other opposite sex. Because of your blame, it creates a tense atmosphere between the two and so on. You are too jealous!

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