What does it mean to dream of ants crawling on your lips

In my dream I was lying in a chair on the balcony, closing my eyes and basking in the sun, making me feel more comfortable. But at this moment, I suddenly felt a bit of movement on my lips, and it was itchy. I touched it with my hand, and actually crawled an ant. I don't know what this dream means. (Male, 22 years old)

Dream analysis: There may be quarrels with people recently. Don't be too eager to deal with things at work, otherwise, your colleagues will be messed up by your eagerness. At the same time, don't argue with others, be careful not to you. You should also pay more attention to your life. Don't forget to check your belongings when you go out, and be careful to miss anything.

There are also problems in water sports. To be clear, there is a danger of water difficulties. Water recreation such as boating, surfing, swimming , and fishing should be completely banned. Also be careful while doing other recreational activities.

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