What does it mean to dream of not finding a toilet

I felt anxious and wanted to go to the toilet, but I found a few toilets, either the door panels were rotten, or they were too dirty to get in. It was difficult to find a seemingly clean one, but found that the door was empty and a pair of men's leather shoes were exposed. I had to look for it again and found a doorless open toilet in the crowd. (Female, 20 years old)

Analysis of dreams: "I dreamed of going to the toilet but couldn't find a toilet that I could go to." This is a "typical dream" that most people have had physiological incentives. But this dream has a deeper meaning besides possible physiological reasons.

You may have been "sexually harassed" in your life, and even still at night, this subconscious reaction to what you think is "dirty and unclean" must be removed from your body, like "defecation", In order to maintain your "inner" cleanliness. The "open" toilet is undoubtedly from the real workplace.

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