Hello, after reading the dream interpretation in front of you, I think you are really amazing~

I often dream repeatedly, I don't know why, but generally speaking, I remember it clearly.

Once in a dream, dreaming that I was a noble child , I fell in love with my robot maid. In a folk carnival night, there are many stars in the sky, colorful lanterns hung low above the open-air dance floor, with a touch of sad music. I stand alone on the dance floor, practicing the etiquette of inviting dance. I have been practicing nervously before the person I love comes, hoping to invite her to dance gracefully and gracefully. . . . . . . .

But in the end, she didn't come either. I knew in my heart that she would never show up again.

I am a boy, thank you.

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dream interpretation : This is a very romantic dream, nobles, stars, sad music, these are beautiful psychological reality beyond the real world, and these images are used to balance and satisfy some real worlds that can’t bring you The feeling of falling in love with a robot maid, a robot, refers to a mechanized and humanized mode of care. The maid is someone who cares for you and takes care of you. This image comes from your mother. You fall in love with such a The image reflects the attachment to the mother. The colorful lanterns are hung low on the open-air dance floor. This can be seen as you wish to experience the feeling of being in your mother's body and being one with your mother again. It is extended to you The longing for getting along with the opposite sex and practicing the etiquette of inviting dance can be understood as the construction of the emotional model, your cognitive process, and the absence of your loved one, which means that in reality there is no such person who can let You poured into these feelings in your dreams, knowing in your heart that she will never appear again. Although the mother is the first opposite sex we come into contact with in the construction of the relationship model, she is after all a mother. As we grow up, we The emotional model of "is constantly mature and perfected. The image of mother will gradually disappear in our emotional model, replaced by some more suitable images of the opposite sex, such as the opposite sex of the same age.

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