Dreaming that I was running towards a forest and seeing a tall and mighty eagle walking with a swan on the ground like a companion, I ran over and grabbed it. Seeing so fat but cute, I told the person next to me that I still don't want to eat it and let it go. Then he held it by himself (it seems that there was only a swan), and the eagle flew along, feeling that the fluffy lump on his body was very hot, and then the people travelling with me advised me: You are going to let it go anyway, and the hug is so tired, it's better to let it go earlier. So it was all released.

Dream interpretation: The eagle in the dream symbolizes lofty goals and an urgent yearning for freedom. In the West, the swan appears in dreams and is usually considered a symbol of sexual desire. Pure white symbolizes the purity of a woman . In traditional Chinese concepts, dreaming of a swan indicates that you will see a lost friend.

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