Meetings are activities in which some collectives summarize and mobilize things over a period of time. In the dream, the meeting symbolizes the care for the cause and the manifestation of hard work. Of course, there are a few people who are tired of the meeting, and they dream that the meeting is often only a manifestation of a disgust.

Dreaming of myself always meeting:

The man dreamed that he was always in meetings, which meant that he would go a little far from the family because of his hard work, but he would get good results in his career. Although it may be a dilemma now, it can be remedied afterwards.

Dreaming that I have been in a meeting all the time indicates that I will be troubled by things at work

Dreaming of summing up the work at the meeting indicates that work and career will stagnate, but a breakthrough will soon be found.

Dreaming of hosting the meeting foretold that he would defeat his opponent.

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