Meetings are activities for certain collectives to summarize and mobilize things that have been carried out over a period of time. In the dream, the meeting symbolizes care for the career and the manifestation of one's hard work. Of course, there are a few people who are tired of meetings. Their dreams of meetings are often just a manifestation of disgust.

To dream that you are always in a meeting:

A man dreams that he is always in meetings, which means he will go a little further with his family because of his career efforts, but he will achieve good results in his career. Although there may be a dilemma right now, it can be remedied afterwards.

Dreaming that I have been in meetings all the time indicates that I will be troubled by things at work and there will be endless things to do

To dream of summing up your work at the meeting indicates that your work and career will stagnate, but you will soon find a breakthrough.

To dream of hosting a meeting indicates that you will defeat your opponent.

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