Dreamsmeaning Book says, "Peanuts: represents harvest, abundance and fulfillment . Dreaming of peanuts: indicates that one's material and spiritual life is fulfilled! Dreaming of eating peanuts: physical health. Dreaming of eating spoiled, broken peanuts: indicates that you must Illness should be a gastrointestinal disease. The patient dreams of eating peanuts, and he will soon be cured. Pregnant women dream of eating peanuts: a boy will be born."

Other "Peanuts" related dream interpretations:

A pregnant woman dreams of pulling peanuts is a good omen, indicating that she and her child will be in good health.

Dreaming of picking/pulling peanuts, auspicious omen, life will be happy.

A businessman dreams of picking/pulling peanuts, he will soon have a good project to make money.

A woman dreams of picking/pulling peanuts is a sign of pregnancy .

Dreaming of picking/picking peanuts is a good omen, and life will be worry-free.

A woman dreams of picking up peanuts, she will get pregnant soon.

A businessman dreams of picking/picking peanuts will find a good project to make money.

To dream of buying peanuts is a good omen, and life will be happy.

The businessman dreams of buying peanuts, the business is profitable.

To dream of harvesting peanuts indicates good luck and good luck.

A woman dreams of harvesting peanuts, auspicious omen, fetal dream, and pregnancy.

A pregnant woman dreams of harvesting peanuts indicates that her child and herself are in good health.

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