What does dreaming about fairyland mean

Wonderland is a wonderful place that people dream of, but it doesn't even exist. That time I dreamed that I had come to a beautiful wonderland, where the clouds and mists filled with flowers, and the fairies were dancing. It was really beautiful. (Female, 29 years old)

Dreamland analysis: The dream of Wonderland is a symbol of working environment and warm family. The presence of a fairyland in your dream indicates that you want to live a carefree life in your heart. Men dream of Wonderland, heralding an improvement in your work environment. Women dream of wonderland, which means your life will be warm and happy.

If you dream of a fairy, it means that there is a psychology of asking for help in your heart. Men dream of immortals, indicating that you will make more friends in the future. Women dream of immortals, which means that you will get help from noble people.

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