Hello, Master, I am 26 years old this year, born in Inner Mongolia, and now in Shenyang.

I dreamed that I seemed to be climbing on a steep chessboard. In fact, I seemed to be in the army. There were boys, girls, and parents. I climbed on it and grabbed some fixed ones. But I know that they are not absolutely safe. I am worried that they are single and can’t bear the weight of my body, so I grabbed two raised things with one hand and stepped on my feet, passing by the commander, brigade commander, etc. It seems that I should be in these positions. Finally, as soon as I got it, I climbed up and jumped out of the chessboard. At that moment, I woke up with the mood of life and death hanging in this moment, but it seemed that everyone else was a division commander, a military commander. I didn't get anything. There is a sentence with eight big characters, "You can bring an army", please master to help me interpret this dream, okay? Thank you

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dream Interpretation Road: Climbing on a steep chessboard, and like in the army, the chessboard is composed of squares, symbolizing rules, norms, guidelines, the army, a standardized and disciplined organization, the two images have Similar meanings are all expressing that you feel that you are climbing in such an environment with strong norms. The steepness is to describe the difficulty of this environment, making you feel strenuous, and you are trying to seize every opportunity. To climb upward, sometimes I feel that one opportunity is not insured, and I will try to fight for two. Passing by the commander, brigade commander, etc., express the sense of accomplishment you have gained while climbing. For some high positions, you just surpass, but you don’t. Settling in it, aiming to keep going up, and finally jumped out of the chessboard, which means that you break through the constraints of this pressure-giving criterion. Although you have not achieved a nominal gain, you feel that your ability has surpassed it. "You can bring an army" is to express this. Although you feel that although you are not in the same position as the leader, you are capable of grasping what you want to do.

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