Master is good! Personal profile: Gender: Female, Age: 26, Work status, Satisfied, I am in love, but I am not in a position to get married (because I do n’t have enough confidence in him)

Dream: I remember the clearest memories of selling peaches with my boyfriend at the beginning. The peaches were very large and fresh. Later, I did n’t know how to buy peaches again. The man also let us taste the peaches. We did n’t try them. Then the boyfriend rode. The bike took me. I passed a lot of fig trees. I wanted to pick and eat, but it was far away from me. I could only see it, but I did n’t pick it. Later, I remember eating a lot of bananas, eating very well, and watermelon ... I went back to the yard where I lived for a little while. I crawled out under the soil of the yard, and after I caught it, I wanted to raise it until the next day to shell, but it died. Please master interpret dreams. Thank you

( Zhou Gongjie dream www.zGjm.org ) Dream interpretation : In this dream, selling peaches and buying peaches reflects the same meaning, that is, you are measuring the value of the relationship between you and your boyfriend. Peach, you can Understand that it is an emotional result, that is, when the relationship develops to a certain degree, the results, such as marriage, you have not tasted in your dreams, reflect your attitude, you are not willing to try this, your boyfriend will take you on a bicycle , The symbolic meaning is that your boyfriend takes you on the road of affection, or that you and your boyfriend move forward in the relationship together. The fig tree, like the peach in front, is also a symbol of emotional achievement. At the same time, the tree, The meaning of family is more prominent, and you have not eaten because it is too far away, which means that you feel that you still feel far away when you think of these things. Bananas and watermelons are a symbol of emotional life and also have a sexual meaning, meaning that although you are not married, But the emotional life is still very rich. When you go back to the yard where you lived, you can understand that you have penetrated into your heart and you haven't got rid of the shell, and you are full of hope. After brewing and cultivating for a long time, I look forward to the final transformation, that is, the final result, but it is dead, indicating that the hope is broken, to a certain extent, reflecting your attitude towards the final result of this relationship. Although the subconscious can convey some information to our consciousness, the final decision is still made by the consciousness, face it bravely, make an early determination and take the next step.

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