What does it mean to dream of losing your child

Zhou Gong's interpretation of dreams : Although the trafficking of women and children has been severely cracked down and relevant laws and regulations have been issued, there are still people who traffic in women and children. The loss of his child in the dream indicates that the dreamer found his weak side and could not accept it for a while, and lost himself.

Dream of losing your child. First, if it is a weaker child, it may be a sign of "weakness and weakness." That is to say, the dreamer may ignore his relatively weak side, or he is unwilling to face his weak side. Second, the child is his own symbol, and losing the child means losing himself. Often care about others in life, but do not pay attention to themselves. For other symbolic meanings, the dreamer can look for it in the following way: when you dream of the child lost, in this situation, what is the characteristic that most attracts your attention, and this characteristic is often the mental component you ignore.

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