Master, I ’m good, I ’m a 20-year-old girl, a college student, in love (parents do n’t know), the relationship has always been very good, never had conflicts with friends, but not very good relationship with parents, and relationship with mother Especially bad.

The dream is divided into two parts: my boyfriend came to my house, he changed my pajamas, we talked on the balcony, and I suddenly remembered that my mother was off work, and I was very afraid that my mother would see my boyfriend home, and immediately called my boyfriend quickly I changed clothes and left. As soon as we came out, we saw my mother was cooking in the kitchen. The mother came out of the kitchen several times and obviously saw us but didn't seem to see it. She went back to the kitchen. The boyfriend hurried to the room. Change the clothes, and when they came out, they just met Mom, and then they scolded us excitedly, and then said that she just happened to go out, and her boyfriend walked with her to be at ease, and then they went out.

Then the dream jumped into the alley where my mom and I stood in front of Grandma's house at night. The alley was very dark and felt very gloomy, but I wasn't afraid at all. Then an aunt came over and told my mom that there was a goddam, and the facade was not beautiful. Not many people go, but her fortune-telling is accurate. My mother took me to look for the godwife in the alley number 400 or so. Many priests in the alley were opening the altar, and some people were at each stall. Wait, we walked all the way to the end of the alley, and we found a princess in the corner. She was looking for her, and she would ask us to go when she saw us. She asked my mother to apply her hands, and not to stop rubbing her hands, then Say my mom, if she did n’t go to her, she would make a lot of money, and then said that I would smoke. I immediately told my mom that I did n’t, in fact, I did n’t, and she came over and rubbed my hands. She As soon as I rubbed, I was paralyzed, and then said that my mother and I were all wrong.

That's it. . I feel strange. .

I ’ve always been scared of ghosts and strange things.

How can you dream fortune telling. . Never thought about it. .

Help me out, I am very confused now. .

Be grateful. .

( Zhou Gong's official website for dream interpretation) Dream interpretation:

The boyfriend put on his own pajamas at home, which means that you have accepted your boyfriend in your heart. The home in your dream can be regarded as a state of your heart and a state of relationship. In this state, you accept your boyfriend, indicating that you have acknowledged in his heart his position in your heart, and the same relationship with her boyfriend on the balcony, specifically, the concept of home in your heart In this concept, the boyfriend has become a part of the home, just like the position of the balcony in the home, the image of the mother can be directly understood as a real mother, or as your own subconscious, obedient to the mother Part of the idea, and this part of the idea, still do not recognize the boyfriend, stemming from your heart, the concern about the attitude of the parents.

With my mother in front of the grandmother ’s alley, this can be understood as a kind of mental regression, which means that when you consider the relationship with your boyfriend, you return to an earlier one in your own growth process. It is more dependent on the status of the elders to seek the answers you need. The image of the goddess is a mixed image, which has both the elders and a more mature image, to help you make better judgments on some issues, and at the same time There is also an element of unknown power. You feel that you cannot fully trust the concept of elders, so you hope that you can use stronger power to make judgments.

Walking all the way to the end of the alley can be understood as stepping into your own heart. This plot implies that the power you expect to help you find the answer is actually in your heart, from your own. It ’s spiritual. If she did n’t go to her, she would make a lot of money. The expression of this sentence is not very clear. My understanding is that if the mother did n’t go to find the godwife, she would make a lot of money. This is actually saying you You, if you do n’t go to find your mother, you will make a lot of money. It is an equal substitute relationship. What it means is that if you do n’t tell your mother to your boyfriend, you will be with your boyfriend. To get more sense of self-worth in your relationship, why is this the case, because in your heart, you feel that the image of your mother has given you too many constraints, so that you can not better enjoy the manifestation of self-worth, so if Without her, you will have less restraint, enjoy more emotional life, and get more self-worth.

Saying you know how to smoke and smoking is a metaphor. You regard the relationship between your mother and your boyfriend as a bad habit like smoking, a habit that is not recognized by your mother, and the priest breaks this fact to some extent. I am fighting this kind of heart, and I am hesitating to tell my mother about my relationship with my boyfriend. General paralysis is a self-protection mechanism. In the face of some internal conflicts, you tend to escape by self-paralysis. It ’s you and your mother. What is wrong is your mother. It reflects some of your dissatisfaction with your mother. At the same time, you are telling yourself that some of the ideas from your elders in your heart may not be what you originally thought. It ’s unbreakable. Sometimes, breaking old ideas and establishing new ones is growth. For some conflicts, whether it ’s real life conflicts with mothers or internal conflicts, it ’s not enough to escape by self-paralysis. Sometimes, we need to face these conflicts with a more positive attitude in order to be better. To solve the problem.

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