What does it mean to dream about wage reduction

Dreamsmeaning Book : Salary is their main source of income for many people, and it often represents the necessity of life. Dreaming about wage reduction means that your own life is more difficult.

A married person dreams that his salary will be reduced, indicating that his family will be very beautiful and harmonious, and the husband and wife will be very affectionate.

The unmarried person dreamed that his salary was reduced, indicating that his love would have some unexpected changes, and the two would increase the probability of quarreling. But this is an opportunity for both parties to understand each other.

A businessman dreams that he has lowered the wages of others, indicating that there will be some estrangement between himself and his employees and partners, so he might as well find some time for the two parties to have a good communication. Sometimes he can't take the benefits too seriously.

Candidates dreamed that their salary was reduced, indicating that they would understand a lot of things through this exam and understand that the exam is not the most important thing, it is just a form. I did not take the exam for the sake of the exam.

Dreaming that the salary of family members has been lowered indicates that there will be some economic problems in the family recently, but the problem is not big and will be resolved soon.

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