What does dreaming about lush vegetation mean

Mountain climbing is one of my favorite sports. Breathing fresh air in the nature can relieve my work troubles. That time I dreamed of going hiking with my colleagues. When everyone was resting, I first turned to the back of the mountain and found that there were lush vegetation and lush greenery, and there was actually a pool of clear water in the mountains. (Male, 30 years old)

Dream analysis: lush vegetation is the meaning of career development and prosperity. Dreaming of lush vegetation, symbolizing the development of career. After your hard work, your career will be stronger year by year. Dreaming of clear water and green mountains and lush vegetation shows that your family is harmonious and united, and people are flourishing.

Dreaming of a bunch of green grass means that you have a lot of harvest and a lot of happiness.

But if you dream that there is a pile of hay outdoors, it means that you thought you would lose, but then you gain a profit. Dreaming that there is a pile of hay in the room, heralding the success of love.

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