What does it mean to dream of broken glass

The dream should be the weekend. Our family is going to clean up. Everyone has their own division of labor. The wife is responsible for the kitchen and clothing. The son is responsible for washing his stinky socks and taking out the garbage. I am responsible for cleaning the glass. Everyone was working hard, and with a sudden click, the glass cracked and almost fell off. (Male, 31 years old)

Dreamland analysis: This dream indicates that although there is something joyful, there may be things that you cannot master. As a male, you should pay attention to "the rush is not achieved" to avoid losing opportunities.

A married person is a symbol of a couple's quarrel. The husband should be gentle to his wife, and his wife must be submissive and submissive to her husband. When a young single lady dreamed of this, she was about to marry . You should avoid being tempted by bored men as soon as you are drunk in the atmosphere. If a new man appears in front of you, it is best to investigate its origin.

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