What does it mean for an   18-year-old woman to dream about having sex with her ex-boyfriend ?

Master, I am 18 years old and still studying, girl.

Just fell in love and talked with her boyfriend for 1 year and 4 months.

He said that he changed his heart and didn't love me any more, but I felt that I loved him more than before, but I didn't find a girlfriend again. He said he had to wait for work and find his girlfriend when his conditions stabilized.

Dreamed of dreaming and had sex with him twice, but in the dream he felt thinner, he was very fat before.

Request for dream interpretation, thank you.

( Zhou Jiejie's official website www.zgjm.org) Dream interpretation: Dreaming dreams of having sex with an ex-boyfriend can be understood as the current state of mental growth, some of his emotions or feelings prompt himself to retreat to a certain one in his heart State, that is, the state when you are with your ex-boyfriend, to seek something that is conducive to mental growth, to have sex with him, to a certain extent, reflects your desire to continue to get along with him, but also shows that you are Strive to make your heart more harmonious and stable, hope to resolve the conflicts in your heart, he has become thinner, it can be understood that he is no longer full in your heart as before, he is in your heart Fading also means that your mind is slowly digesting past experiences, and development has entered a new stage of growth, but now this development process has not ended, you still need to work hard.

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