Dream water pool dyed blood red What does it mean

In my dream, it seems that I came out of the company's building, but it doesn't seem to be the company's building, because there is an extra pool in front of the building for no reason. What is more strange is that the water in the pool turned out to be blood red As if stained with blood, I was terrified. (Female, 24 years old)

Dreamland analysis: This is an unpleasant dream. It is the dream that is most likely to be dreamed of when you are in poor physical condition, work is not smooth, and there are problems at home.

For men, it is easy to be distressed by the gap between ideals and reality, to produce a pessimistic outlook on life, and to lonely.

For women, it is a dream that often occurs when they feel depressed because of the imbalance of their wives, mothers, and society, or when they are dissatisfied with the reality of inequality between men and women.

Pay attention to water in daily life and avoid water-related activities as far as possible.

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