What does it mean to dream of killing someone else's wife

Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams : The killings in dreams usually indicate that they are under too much pressure and cannot be released before they can dream like that. The dream that killed someone else's wife appeared in the dream, indicating that the dreamer was not calm enough to do things.

I dreamed that I killed someone else ’s wife, and I ate the meat to the dog. I dreamed of killing . One thought that your negative emotional backlog was too long and could not be released. The depressed emotion in the dream was not affected by time. The constraints with space get completely exploded; both mean you have too many enemies. If you dream of killing the enemy's wife, then in your subconscious, you will think that the power of the enemy is strengthened, which is also a manifestation of your emotions. Enemies are easy to solve and not easy to tie. Many so-called enemies are caused by trivial matters. Remind the dreamer to calm down when encountering things and try to calm down his mind.

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