What does it mean to always dream about forgetting to give a present to a colleague or friend and being sad?

Dreamsmeaning Book : When you want to travel to a beautiful place, if there are a lot of specialty products there, many relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. will ask themselves to bring them back. In the dream, I often forget to give gifts to colleagues or friends and I feel sad, which shows that the dreamer pays attention to details and is a person who is responsive.

Women often dream of forgetting to give gifts to colleagues or friends and feel sad, reflecting the cuteness of the dreamer, that is, paying attention to details, basically agreeing to the requirements of friends or colleagues, and being recognized as good women in the circle of friends. In this kind of woman's consciousness, commitment is important. It is important to provide convenience for everyone and make everyone happy. What's more, this kind of cuteness, she has reasons to let herself persist, and everyone likes her.

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