I often dream about what it means to be sad when you forget to give a colleague or friend a gift

Zhou Gong's interpretation of dreams : When traveling to a beautiful place, if there are a lot of special products there, there will be many people among relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. who will tell them to carry something back for them. In the dream, I was sad because I often forgot to give gifts to colleagues or friends, which shows that the dreamer pays attention to details and is a responsive person.

Women often dream of being sad when they forget to present a gift to a colleague or friend, reflecting the lovability of the dreamer, that is, attention to detail, which basically agrees to the request of a friend or colleague, and belongs to the good women recognized in the circle of friends. In this woman's consciousness, commitment is important, it is important to provide convenience to everyone, and it is important to make everyone happy. What's more terrible is that she is cute, and she has a reason to insist, and everyone likes her.

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