What does dreaming about garden flowers and plants mean

My family lives in the suburbs, so there is a courtyard in front of the house where flowers and grass can be planted. I dreamed that I would come back from a business trip outside the city and I would not see it for a few days. The flowers and trees in the courtyard were already lush. Seeing this, I said to my father who was watering the flowers and plants: "These flowers and plants look really good. (Male, 32 years old)

Dreamland analysis: the garden is green and flowers are blooming, which is the meaning of good news. It is an auspicious dream to dream of flowers and trees flourishing in the courtyard and green bamboo forests. Foresight you have many happy events in the recent period, whether it is work, career and family life, there will be a lot of good news; if you are a staff member, your work performance will be appreciated by your boss, so you will be promoted or rewarded; if Married men and women, this dream heralds a happy and happy family life.

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