Q: What does it mean to dream about snake- ridden bodies?

I am 27 years old, female and unmarried.

I dreamed last night that I was walking on the way home every day and I was about to go home. Suddenly there was a snake, about 2 meters long, with a black pattern on the back and a sulphur pattern on the abdomen. I thought to myself Is it 璜 鳝? Then go home and tell my grandma, my grandma said that you ca n’t tell the difference between 璜 鳝 and snake, can you see if it ’s tanned? So I went with my grandma, grandma At first glance, it was a tadpole, so I took it home and put it in a large plastic basin under the Eight Immortals table. The Eight Immortals table was placed against the eastern wall, and the room was very dim. (My home furnishings are not like that)

Then I do n’t know why I discussed with my grandma whether it was a snake or a slug. At first it was lazy, and I did n’t know whether it was grandma or I grabbed the snake ’s tail and pulled it out of the basin. Then the terrible thing was It happened (it was definitely a snake at this time), the snake entangled me at once, the more entangled it became, the grandma and another person (I do n’t know who it is but seems to know) were dragging on both sides desperately. I called to quickly cut it off with a knife, and at this time a man came (I do n’t know who he is, at first it seemed to be my uncle, but it soon became blurred and unclear), Suddenly grab the snake with one end and one end with two hands, and pull the two ends with force, the snake breaks into sections, and I wake up.

( Zhou Gong's official website for interpreting dreams ) Dream interpretation:

The way home every day is reflected in your own daily life

New problems with snake symbol may be troubles caused by the opposite sex

You ca n’t tell the difference between a snake and a yellow pheasant. The elder says it ’s the yellow cricket, and you feel like a snake.

This indicates the elder's point of view, meaning that what you encounter is not dangerous, you can try to accept it

Later the snake entangled you, which meant emotional distress and entangled you

A man helps you, means you need a stronger man to help you

Dreamland also expresses the hope that the views of elders in life are not necessarily correct, and the desire for the opposite sex to help you solve your troubles

Original snake:

Dream dream dragon serpent into the kitchen there is the official;

Dreaming of the help of snakes and dragons;

Dreaming about the woman seeing Longsheng Takako;

Dreamed about the dragon and snake killing the master;

Dreaming that the snake bites the man to make a fortune;

Dreaming about the snake in the arms of a noble child;

Dreaming about the snake in the water, the Lord moved to glory;

Dreamed that the snake went to his wife's heart outside;

Dreaming of the snake's tongue into the valley;

Dreaming of snakes who have children around them;

Dreaming of snakes and masters;

Dreaming about the snake red and black main tongue;

Dreaming that the snake yellow and white master has official affairs;

Dreaming of birds and snakes coming to recommend people.

Dreaming about snakes ridden :

Dreaming about the snake lingering on himself, terrifying himself and not getting away, means that the dreamer will see a betrayal of himself, which he can't even believe;

Dreaming of being bitten by a snake , good luck, is a good sign , but dreaming of being bitten by a snake in the water indicates that the bite may be a potential area of ​​disease;

Dreaming of snakes biting yourself, good luck, life will be rich;

Dreaming that the snake bit his wife is an ominous sign, and will encounter sorrow and misfortune;

Dreaming that when the enemy is bitten by a snake, the enemy will kill each other, and in the end both lose and hurt;

A married woman dreaming of a snake and holding it in her arms is a sign of a noble child;

Dream dreamed by a snake chase by, there are health warning.

Here 's a psychological explanation of dreaming about snake-ridden :

Dreaming about snake-ridden dreams, snake-ridden dreams are a symbol of someone betraying their faith or dreaming of disease in some part of the person's body. The presence of snakes in dreams is an ominous sign, and snakes herald many difficulties, obstacles, and betrayals.

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