My May 13th is Mother's Day this morningWritten because I didn't go to bed until 12:30 last night. I had a dream, and now I think about it, I am quite scared. I dreamt that many of my classmates and I were running away from home today. There were about 30 people. I remember that at first we met to cross the mountains to a city that we don’t know where it was. Later we got on a bus and left. On the way to take the bus, we passed an asphalt road, and then there were many trees on the asphalt road. I was Carrying a big pink suitcase, and then I saw that the other students were all carrying a small rucksack. Then I asked my classmate A on the way to the bus. I said: Did you bring enough money? He said that you have enough, so 500, which is enough to go home. Later classmate B said: Why don’t you go to Taiwan and bring so much money? After hearing these two sentences, I thought to myself, what should we do if we arrive in a strange city and run out of money? Should we go to work? I also imagined us. It is very hard after work, no place to live and very little salary. After that, we kept going to the bus. We crossed the asphalt road, and the bus stopped on a very large bridge. The underside of the bridge was like the Yellow River. We walked over and boarded the bus. Then there were many people on the bus, all of the same age. Before getting on the bus, we threw the luggage into the tail of the bus (the tail of the bus seems to be a tunnel, and a square mouth has a gate like the boarding gate of an airplane. After throwing the luggage down, the luggage will be eaten in at a high speed. Hurry up.) I climbed up and threw my luggage in. My luggage was so big that I couldn't get out when I threw the luggage in. Two sisters pulled my feet out. Later I saw that my sister didn't laugh at first, and then when I almost came out, the sister on the left gave me a knowing smile. That kind of smile had an evil aura. I saw a man with a notepad in the distance, still whispering in his mouth. Later, after getting on the bus, I found out that it was from the school and came to find us home, but at the time I thought that the man came to arrest us and he was holding a list. After he got on the bus and searched for us with a list, I quickly notified the others, and then told a short-haired girl that the school was coming, so run away. You can't hide if you want to. Later, the man from that school was okay and asked us if the money belonged to our parents. Then a person next to me said no. Then as our car walked farther, from the mountain to the city with roads. Later, the man continued with us. At that time, the man asked us to write down the name and phone number in the logbook. I saw that his notebook had a British number and the British place name seemed to be greenwich. Since my mobile phone couldn't get through when I went inland, I picked up the mobile phone and saw that the missed call from the mobile phone was called by phebe. dream

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