What do you mean by malicious harm in your dreams?

Zhou Gong's interpretation of dreams : Some people's language is very hurting. Maybe he accidentally said it. He didn't know that he had hurt one person, but another person had already remembered it. The malicious harm in the dream spoofs others, indicating that the dreamer in real life is a person who desires to be successful to satisfy his heart.

Men dream of maliciously harming others or spoofing others, ruling out the situation of self-reflection in the later episodes of the dream. There is a wicked person in the world. He is always giggling on the surface, casually making jokes that hurt others. On the surface, he will make you think that this is a joke. He does n’t know that he has used to hurt others, insult others as himself A way to get pleasure. The world in the dream is the essence of his glory, and also a continuation of his dream of satisfaction in reality.

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