I said that I was sitting on my dad's bicycle and lowering his head to spit on the ground. As a result, a small green snake extended his head at the back of the car and the sputum spit on him. I was scared of the snake, so I was fine, but this snake must let me clean his phlegm. I didn't dare. Later, he looked for a partner to deal with me, so I boldly wiped him clean. Nothing more. What does this mean? I have been waiting for the results of an important exam recently . Is it related to this? Please explain the dream to the master, thank you!

Master interpretation of dreams:

The patient dreamed of spitting, indicating that the virus would be expelled and the body would soon recover.

Dreaming of spitting is a good sign of spitting out the bad breath.

Dreaming of others spitting on themselves is a sign of insult.

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