Said that I was sitting on my father's bicycle and spitting on the ground. As a result, a small green snake stretched its head from the rear of the car, and the sputum was spit on him. I was afraid of snakes, so it didn't matter, but this snake would definitely let me wipe the sputum clean for him. I didn't dare at first, and then he asked a partner to deal with me, so I took the courage to wipe him clean. There is nothing more. What does this mean? I have been waiting for the results of an important exam recently. Does it have anything to do with this? Master, please explain the dream, thank you!

Master dream interpretation:

The patient dreamed of spitting, indicating that the virus will be spit out, and the body will heal soon.

Dreaming of spitting indicates that you will spit out bad breath, which is a good omen.

To dream of others spitting on yourself indicates that you are insulted.

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