The first dream was dreaming that he was bitten by a snake and bleeding. The second is that he carried a bag of gold and was washed into a pond by the water. He came up and the gold was gone. What kind of situation is this, please master dream interpretation, thank you!

Master interpretation of dreams:

Dreaming of digging out gold, or opening the vault, indicates that you will have unexpected money.

Dreaming of hiding gold, reminding you to protect your interests, if necessary, you need to take active measures.

Dreaming of stealing gold, or counting it, warns you that if you want to take illegal means for profit, you will eventually be severely punished.

The woman dreamed of receiving a gift made of gold, whether it was gold coins or gold jewelry, and predicted that she would marry a rich but greedy husband.

In addition, if you dream of gold and silver cups, basins, tools, etc., all foretell marriage , or you need to bet on things, you will have good luck.

Dreaming of gold clothes and gold cloths foreshadows honor and prestige.

Dreaming that I was looking for gold indicates that I will improve my situation and achieve success through my own efforts.

Dreaming about alchemy, or gold rushing, gold mining, is to remind you to be alert, keep your eyes open, and don't judge people by their appearance.

Dreaming of finding gold suggests that outstanding abilities will make it easy for you to stand out and win wealth and fame.

Dream of losing gold because of negligence, you will miss the most precious opportunity of your life.

The discovery of a gold mine in a dream indicates that some honor is suddenly added to your head, which is very uncomfortable.

Dreaming of running a gold mine in your dreams indicates that you will try to seize the rights belonging to others and warns you to prevent scandals in your home.

Dreaming of gold heralds setbacks. Dreaming of someone giving gold to themselves may suffer losses. The woman dreamed of losing gold, heralding new jewelry.

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