The first dream was that I was bitten by a snake and bleeding. The second is when I walked with a bag of gold and was washed into a pond by the water. It came up by myself and the gold was gone. What's the situation? Master, please interpret the dream, thank you!

Master dream interpretation:

Dreaming of digging out gold or opening the vault indicates that you will have a windfall.

Dreaming of hiding gold reminds you to protect your own interests. If necessary, you need to take active measures.

Dreaming of stealing gold or counting gold is to warn you that if you want to use illegal means to seek profit, you will be severely punished in the end.

A woman dreams of receiving a gift made of gold, whether it is gold coins or gold jewelry, predicts that she will marry a rich but greedy husband.

In addition, if you dream of cups, pots, tools, etc., made of gold and silver, it indicates that you will get married or that you will have good luck in things that require a bet.

Dreaming of golden clothes and golden cloth indicates that you will get honor and prestige.

To dream that you are looking for gold indicates that you will improve your situation and achieve success through your own efforts.

Dreaming of alchemy, or gold panning, or gold mining reminds you to be vigilant, keep your eyes open, and don't judge people by their appearance.

Dreaming of finding gold implies that outstanding abilities will make it easy for you to stand out and win wealth and fame.

To dream of losing gold, because of negligence, you will miss the most precious opportunity in your life.

Finding a gold mine in your dream means that some honor is suddenly added to your head, which is very uncomfortable.

The intention to operate a gold mine in your dream indicates that you will try to seize the rights that belong to others and warn you to prevent scandals in your home.

Dreaming of gold indicates setbacks. To dream of someone giving gold to yourself may suffer losses. A woman dreams of losing gold indicates that she will buy new jewelry.

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