I am a student. I had a dream last night and dreamed that there were many people in the school. There was a dog on the school trail and I was not allowed to go out.

But suddenly a big lynx came in to eat me, and then came a tiger , and the tiger ate the cat. The gray cat didn't know what it meant.

( Zhou Gong's official website for interpreting dreams ) Interpretation of Dreams: Dreaming of a lot of people in school can be understood as your psychological environment, a kind of retrogression, recalling the past state, many people, showing clutter, more thoughts, and dogs blocking the road can be understood as your Self-restraint, you want to get out of this state, but because of some rules and principles set for yourself in the heart, you can't go out smoothly. The gray lynx may be your own image, gray means dim and inanimate The lynx is a wild carnivorous and agile image that you want to have, but it is restricted, so it seems to have no vitality and is eaten by the tiger. This means that the establishment of your image is restricted by another image. May be related to the mother.

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